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It gives us great pleasure to introduce our exciting new game, KENO!

If you’re someone who loves winning big without the long wait, then you’ve found your new favourite game...

What is Keno?

Keno is similar to playing the lottery but at faster intervals. Draws take place every 3 minutes, so you can look forward to ALL of the excitement of winning big prizes without any of the waiting!

How do I play Keno?

The game is easy to play, simply follow the steps below:


1. Choose to play either the “Keno 9” or “Keno 12”
game option
2. Select your numbers manually or use the quick pick generator
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3. Hit the “Play Now” button!
Number of draws
4. Select the number of draws you want to play
5. Click “Complete Purchase”


What’s the difference between Keno 9 and Keno 12?

There are 2 versions of Keno to choose from, Keno 9 and Keno 12. The games are interchangeable on the left-hand side of the screen.

Both Keno 9 and Keno 12 cards have 80 numbers to choose from, but the numbers you need to select will differ:

  • If you choose to play Keno 9 you will select 9 numbers.
  • If you play choose to play Keno 12 you will select 12 numbers.

What are you waiting for? Get winning with Keno!

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